The Collection of Jens Aaloekke

Advise to the collection

Which consist of 3 major parts: A: Domestic Radio Receivers, B: Electrical Powered Gadgets, C: Experimenting Room, for equipment being live.

A: RADIO Collection

Approx 1000 radios are on exhibition. This is probably the largest number of radios displayed on exhibition in Denmark .

Mainly Danish radios are on exhibition, but also radios from Germany from the 1930ties are shown.

The radios are arranged on shelves as per age. Starting with radios only being crystal sets, then radios with tubes no cabinets, radios in cabinets and so on up to radios in the 1960ties.

40 Radio gramophones are shown. Advertizing signs and brochures are shown. Components and tubes as well.

B: Electrical Gadgets

Approx 1000 electrical powered gadgets are shown. Being Telephones, Apparatus for educational purposes, Electro Medical equipment, Violet Rays, Photo  equipment. X-rays, Counters, Electrochemical and the like. Radiotelephones from the Cold War period, from China and the USSR . Allied and German 2WW radios. Radios for ships and mobile use. Radio amateur equipment. Tube amplifiers and test equipment. Sewing machines, Power line equipment, Motors and transformers.

D: Experimenting Room

Contains equipment, which can be powered on.

As shown on the above internet link: Power Mercury Rectifier, Jakobs ladder, Transmitter with Marconi tube, Tesla coils.

Besides: Hard tube pulsar, Counter for gamma rays, Radar: Eyes for the king of battle, Lasers of various kind, Carbon arc lamps, Tube power amplifiers, Spark gap transmitter, Poulsen Arc transmitter, Blitz lamps, Xenon Arc Lamp, Cinema Projector for 32mm film.  


If you are interested in personal to view the collection, please contact Jens Aaloekke (OZ1GEO):